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Welcome to Pheasant Haven Farms

Located in southeastern South Dakota, Pheasant Haven Farms has been providing hunters guided pheasant hunts for over twenty years. We are proud of our family's hunting tradition and are grateful to extend to you the opportunity to hunt on the land that has belonged to our family and friends for several generations.

Pheasant Haven Farms consists of over 2,000 acres of premiere pheasant hunting land including corn, slews, shelter-belts  grass and food plots. We accommodate anywhere from six to twelve hunters and provide two or three day hunting packages. Included in your hunt are both food and lodging accommodations

as well as complimentary bird cleaning and packaging.

Additionally, your party will be hunting with professionally trained

bird dogs making for both an enjoyable and successful experience. If you

have your own hunting dog(s), you are more than welcome to bring them

along for the hunt! 

All hunters are responsible for furnishing their own shotguns and shells

as well as obtaining a South Dakota pheasant hunting license. If you need

assistance with obtaining your license, please CLICK HERE or contact us

and we will be happy to help you. 

Please CONTACT US for pricing or if you would like more information!


Pheasant Haven Forecast

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